Child's Mind - Mental health promotion in early childhood education and child health clinics- book

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    Child's Mind is a practical handbook for early education and child health clinics about promoting mental health of small children.

    How do you support mental health of small children? How do you teach mental health skills to them? Early childhood education and child health clinic professionals have many opportunities to support and enforce the mental health of small children and to improve the wellbeing of families. Discussing mental health topics, engaging with children and parents, being mindfully present and providing love are central to it. Learning about emotional skills and friendships, the presence of safe adults and daily routines all strenghten small children's mental health. 

    The Child's mind -book encourages and inspires professionals working with small children to acknowledge the importance of mental health promotion on wellbeing. 


    • Mental health promotion

    • Playing, stories and mental health

    • Media games

    • Joy of exercising

    • Music and mental wellbeing of children

    • Art and mental wellbeing of children

    • Connection, presence and love

    • Developing child

    • Children's safety net

    • Joy of being together

    • Daily rhythm

    • Empowering emotions

    • Self-esteem

    • Crises and coping

    • Rest

    ISBN 978-9527022-64-1
    Tekijät Elina Marjamäki, Susanna Kosonen, Soile Törrönen, Marjo Hannukkala
    Julkaisija MIELI Mental Health Finland
    Julkaisuvuosi 2019
    Laajuus 125 sivua
    Määrä 1